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What you do not need anything for carnival! Matching hats and headgear, (again and again and never out of fashion: cowboy hats!) As Gangster Hats (also known as Al Capone hats ") or even Blues Brothers Hats provide for the perfection of every costume! No matter what hat they are looking for, we find Flock fiber hats, pirate hats, and even pirates captains hats but also pirate head scarves and classic three-pointed hats! For the elegant costume fit Melons, cylinders and felt hats. Even those other helmets, caps and hats examined, throw a quick glance at our shop! For the thesis we hold hats ready! Who wants to conquer the jungle, must rely on our bush hats and hats Rancher assault and desert hiking is best served with our hats Australia. For the foolish time course of the year may also fools caps, hoods and other hats not missing! Looking for the perfect complement to an existing costume? Take a look at our times Schottenring hats, disco boys hats and caps to school! The perfect topping! For summer parties are of course our sombreros and Strohhüte the hammer! If your party begins far East, for which we have Chinese hats. Even the special we offer for you! For example, we have giant cylinders and cylinders with hair on offer! Who are rather below, you will of our clown shoes and shoe buckles thrilled that each costume complete! The Neanderthal is not neglected! From whipping up to clubs, chains, saws and axes, see the complete Stone offer! You want to be scary for Halloween? Access to at our large selection of Gruseldeko! We have bats and spiders, witches and matching Hexenhüte im Angebot! Animals will be with our leopard hats! In the sea of course stands still best with one of our captain hats or serious: captain hats! Lou Bandy hats are a true classic! Find once completely through our repertoire! Ranging from the police cap on colorful hats to clown hats, sleep caps, hats and clowns and Navy sailors hats! Everything here, everything is just waiting to strike you! Hot on the top bar it will be with our Sado Maso caps and who is too licentious, thanks to our Police Officer Räson called for caps! The whole magnificent splendor of hats you can find only here! Whether it be Fairyhats, Dallas hats, sombreros or strawhats be!
Also Sombrerohüte, Tropenhüte and Safarihüte we offer cost-effective to! If you like Roman history lovers, is pleased to laurel wreath in green or gold draw. The classic is, of course, is still the straw hat with Hutband. We go even further, because now there are Strohhüte tape with printed, where the band is printed individually.

For the eyes are waiting in a thousand forms of glasses for you! We offer sunglasses and goggles to clowns, classic black sunglasses as well as pop star glasses! Sweet it is with our Sugar Babe spectacles. The cult Seventies glasses, because only with a genuine seventies glasses or goggles with Flowerpower outfit does the voices! The same is true of disco glasses! A proper glasses completed every costume! For girls, the sweet heart glasses a bang in red! Those who prefer anonymity may be, look at our eye masks, which are in almost every form, beginning with colorful eye masks on Glitter Eye Masks Eye Masks Strassheim up there! Less romantic, but futuremäßig our trippy spacey spectacles, no matter what version! Whether abgespacte glasses, science fiction spectacles, or eyeglasses Glitter with our futuristic eyewear, you have the correct perspective! For the special flavor, the fly glasses are perfectly!
Even the hologram glasses and retro glasses are worth a closer look! Aviator glasses are perfect for wannabe pilots! Even spring glasses we have on offer! Simply cool and unusual eye glasses reading glasses, which exist only here!

Wigs, beards and artificial teeth

Anyone who wants to dress neatly, come to the right facial jewelry! So what do they change your face! For example, with a beard! That's why you'll find beards in any form! Whether artificial or Beards! Also theatrical beards and beards in theater quality, we believe that for you! And for the head? Not easy! With our event, you have wigs wigs for every occasion! Special designs of wigs or custom-made wigs, say, your individual wig already exist from 1 piece! Such a custom is something really special! With us you are right, because we have wigs in a class! Whether it comes to extravagant wigs or wigs is effective. Even mega deluxe Wigs we have on offer! Just as wigs for promotion or event wigs! Also Roadshow and trendy wigs wigs season you can find! Whether you're looking for a promoter or crazy wigs wigs are Animateur: Striking crazy wigs and wigs you find here with us! We have great wigs in great supply, as well as wild wigs and colorful wigs. colorful go to with our wigs, we have blue wigs, green wigs, red wigs and yellow wigs, blue wigs, pink wigs, and purple wigs, black wigs and blonde wigs! For the gentlemen wait sideburns and toupees! Who might like to curl, it is with our hair wigs happy! But of course we have smooth hair wigs, long wigs and crazy Struwelperücken (often described as Strubbelperücken)! We put heaven and hell in movement, in order for you the perfect Angel or Devil wig wig to be found! Starting with the baroque wig wigs on to a cult film star and Star wigs or wigs celebrity wigs, here you will find what you need! Also hair extensions! There are still holding true fairy tale wigs!

Carnival and accessories for Halloween

If you have Halloween items, witches article or horror article, you've come to the right place! But also important accessories such as belts, gloves and gloves for women for men we offer! Especially elegant velvet glove! For games, we believe that Doctor Doctor exclusive article or hospital articles, which of course are completely harmless! Fashionable work with our feathered scarves or subjects, which is also known as Asian subjects (Japanese fans) are. Christmas is Santa Claus with our articles! For the perfect disguise, we provide Full and Half! Especially popular are the half with a rubber band! Among medieval costume also includes an eye mask with handle. Whoever it may be practical, the eye masks without handle. Whether you are after printed masks (such as masks with advertising), to crazy or accessories worn looking, with us you will find great accessories! Did you know that in germany there are many different names for the fifth season?

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For this we offer costumes, wigs, Schminksets, hats and other accessories to carnival. Especially carnival clubs we can tailor to any trend or theme carnival equipment. At each desired price range.

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